pic: 294 - This is How we cut (CNC lathe)

There are actually two of these. Awesome machines to work with.

294 plans to fully use all of these resources next year :slight_smile:

Wow, now I remember what I was dreaming about last night! :slight_smile:

thats how we cut too!
(thanks to pelco!)

im jealous now, we only have a chop saw, we recently moved up in the world and got a welder from our school’s ag.shop
we also got a table saw, a 200lb anvil, and some other fun stuff to play with

Did your school get these lathes or are they at one of your sponsors?

Either way they are great to have and will allow you to do alot more. :slight_smile:

They are at El Camino College. ECC allows multiple teams to use the shop, provided that they have students in one of the shop classes. 294 has to work with 330 and several other teams.