pic: 294's First Inventor Robot (pic 1)...

…completed in the award timeframe. This is our robot in its stored position

I have a question to other designers (besides what do you think). How do you keep the parts on the robot (like the goal grabbers, gears, and sprockets) from becoming closed/pixelated like it is in the picture?

The only way Ive seen is to turn your detail settings up (I have them to the max on a screaming machine, and I still have the same problem) or to zoom in real close to the part, which isnt an option, since you need to be able to see the whole bot.


Nice job with the robot. Looks like you’re capable of doing everything with that, grab the goal and hang. What are the two square tubes in the back for?

Also, how large and visible is “294” milled out in your side plates? We did the same thing on both sides of the frame on our robot and the judges had an issue with this in New Jersey saying it wasn’t visible enough. Our “237” was about four inches high and outlined in red flames. We had to get larger letters on the sides of our robot before we could compete. This was just a certain judges’ preference so you may not have issues but I just wanted you to know. It might also have been possible to put something colored behind the lettering to make it stand out more.

Thank you for the compliment. The square tubes are for herding balls. I never got a chance to finish building all of the parts, so they are not constrained to move

The 294 is about 6 inches tall. We also have 294 on our cover (orange when the cover is blue and blue when the cover is orange.

Unfortunately, I’ve been using a laptop with a small moniter, and I will not have access to a higher res moniter until after the award is due (we’re travelling this weekend).