pic: 294's homemade

294’s homemade “Snap-on” Victors

This is an idea Adam Heard and I came up with on the same day simultaneously in different parts of California. Basically, we always use nylon hex screws on electronics because they eliminate the possibility of shorting from the victor terminals. Both our teams decided we would use 2 Victor stacks this year, using 2 inch Vex standoffs. What we do is dremel down the nylon screw so that when inserted through the Victor holes, the edge of the cap slides over and locks the Victor in place. This is much like how the fans are attached. The resulting victor combination after correct dremeling easily stands up to violent shaking, yet can be separated rather quickly.

Very cool idea, our electrical guys have been looking into ways to fit everying on our board and that would be a nice idea for them to look into. One question is on how do you then attach the victors to the electrical board (or frame)?

We’ll probably just put a screw from underneath the board up into the other side of the standoff.

We’re just going with a stacked board again this year, but this is a cool idea worth keeping in mind.

hmm, thats pretty cramp lol it looks like it could get enofe air thou (the fans serve there purpose! lol) and as long as you can mount it i like the idea! :smiley: good luck building!

Great minds think alike :wink:

In terms of airflow, we stacked all 10 victors on our 2006 robot via the same two inch standoffs and never had a problem with victor failing by airflow (We had some shorts, but those were unrelated).

Like jason said, to attach to the board just screw into the bottom side of the standoff.

i can smell cooked victors already… save some for me- im hungry.

… d=