pic: 294's New Crate

We decided that it was time for a new crate.

The crate folds into our pit setup.

The robot and cart goes on the right.
Bumpers, batteries, control board and tools all go on the left.

Not pictured are:

  • 18 inch fluorescent light
  • 3 foot power strip
  • 4 drawer craftsman toolbox

Estimated weight is 200-250 lbs

When done right designing the crate to be used as the pit is a great idea. It saves so much time when you walk into the competition and it organizes the rest of the pit. 612 used to do it but since we normally go to 3 events a year we got tired of paying overweight charges.

This was our old Pit Crate: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/ad9/ad956d2c14a80dbc1a040fb92ff66a9a_m.jpg

man, im really glad all those pictures people were taking of our crate/pit went to some good use this year. we are using the same one this year and hopefully for a few more years to come :smiley:

The new crate looks even better being loaded into the shipping truck!