pic: 294's Unstoppable Team Captain

So yesterday, our team captain narrowly missed getting hit by a Mack Truck while crossing Pacific Coast Highway to get to our shop. The truck did run over the toes of his right foot though. He hobbled into BCR and worked through the night, hoping it was just “Normal Mack-Truck-Pain.” However, it appears that his toes were broken as he showed up today with a cast on his foot and crutches. He cast aside his crutches and hopped everywhere on his good foot. Here he is machining, despite the crushed bones in his foot. This is not the first serious injury our captain has had to work through either. He truly is permanently devoted to BCR.

Isn’t this like the second kid on your team to get ran over by a vehicle comming to your site in the last few years?
If that’s the case you very much need to seriously consider moving.
I don’t care if it’s the most beautiful facilities in the land. If kids have to endanger their lives to get there it aint worth it.

wow, hes lucky!! And dedicated.

But i agree, crossing a highway to get to site?:eek: Alteast find a cross walk

Or build an overpass. :smiley:

Hey, Ed, they build in one of the two schools of the team. So the entire school would have to move. (Not an easy feat…This is the Beach Cities area of L.A.)

PCH has AT LEAST one crosswalk right by the site, and it’s a school crossing. And it has a traffic light. PCH is not a street that you really want to cross outside a crosswalk, especially in that area. Doable? Yes. Bad idea? Quadruple yes!

Where can I find the specs?

He was using the crosswalk, the truck just ran the light.

Sounds like you have a new sponsor. :smiley:

That’s depressing. People shouldn’t be so mindless, especially near a school. Oh well, what can you do.

Hope your team captain’s foot gets better :wink:

Is it? I vaguely remember a possible car accident on our team a long time ago, but not sure… Although, one kid has been hit riding his bike not once, but twice. Our team captain before me and his buddy also broke a few bones among them when they rolled a gold cart down a hill… Quite a streak of team captain injuries if you ask me…

We’ll I’m glad you didn’t bring any of that bad luck up here with you…

Although this year we’ve had to get the First Aid kit out more times then ever before… Maybe we should send you back before it gets any worse. :rolleyes:

Here’s the incident.

Oh dear. I’m a team captain this year. And I bike nearly everywhere I can.

I just gotta stay in one piece until Atlanta, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve already had one scare concerning your team this year.
We don’t need another.
Stay safe guys.

Instead of worrying about the safety of crossing the street…

I would like to congratulate your team on choosing a Captain that has this kind of dedication to the team.

This is great team spirit. Working with pain. Serving as a great role model to the underclassmen.

congrats to the Captain and the team…

Have the best of luck this year!!

Jeez, I used to live in that area, where on PCH are you all thats really that dangerous?

They build at Redondo Union High School. (BeachBots are farther up PCH, at Artesia.)