pic: 296 Teaser

Launching the ball on wednesday

Interesting! Looks like you have a catapault type laucher, it looks like a long stick with s hoop on the end. Is it powered with pneumatics, springs, or a combination?

I dont see a ball or a robot. All there is, is a arm floating in the air !!!

I see what looks like the base of a ball (follow the arrow). I don’t see a robot base either–and the base of the launcher has been blacked out.

it’s only the launcher half of our robot the base is separate for testing

Could you tell me the length of your launcher arm? I think it may be a bit long. Or it could just be the perspective of the screen shot.

Right now the arm is about 72 inches long. We are trying to redesign the geometry so that we are safely in the 80 in cylinder. It is pneumatically powered with the aid of surgical tubing.

heres another hint:
we have a bit of Canadian culture in that launcher, and its not poutine.

Is it controlled by a converter made out of ketchup-flavored chips and back bacon? :wink:

close but no cigar