pic: 2980 practice bot Intake

This is our side intake. It is 12 inches wide which is pretty narrow, but given the size of our wheels we are relatively limited in this department. We hope not to have to use it too much which kind of makes it a waste of valuable space.

The honesty is real with this one.

I like it

What is the reasoning behind the 8-inch wheels? Much smaller mecanums would do for this year’s game. The Vex 4-inch and 6-inch models are pretty great.

I’m gonna guess pre-existing stock of the 8" versions.

Not the case…We went with 8 inch wheels because it worked in theory with our drive train math and intent…We have used 6 inch Mecanum wheels in the past, and have them in stock, though they are getting a bit worn and need new rollers at this point. Ground clearance with this design would be a bit tight with 6 inch wheels and our prefered setup. We have also found the robot to be too slow. There are two ways to crack that egg and the team/community chose both, a lower gear ratio and larger wheels…

This was in part due to looking increase our options moving forward.

We might learn a hard lesson this year with this design, but we are hopeful that in the end we’ll be relatively happy with our choices.

Best of luck to all teams.


:confused: Whether you meant too slow a top speed or too slow in acceleration, a lower gear ratio and larger wheels tend to cancel each other out.

1:2 is a low ratio, 1:10 is a high ratio. Not to be confused with ‘high reduction’ or ‘slow gearing’ or any other way one might describe powertrain ratios.

But… but… but… 1/2 > 1/10

And 2:1<10:1!