pic: 2996 Almost Suspended

2996 attempting to hang on Friday at the Colorado Regional. We made it a little higher than it is in this picture, but we were about an inch or two short of the bonus points when the buzzer sounded.
This is the only attempt that was at least partially successful while on the competition field, despite successful hangs on the practice field

Is it just me, or are those numbers in violation of <R15>? They just look like they don’t have a 3/4" stroke to them. Perhaps it’s something inspectors don’t care much about?

I’m not sure, since they usually keep me at a computer doing web work during build, but I think you might be right. Looking at it, it does look like it may be a bit closer to 1/2", but I might check on that before you quote that for truth

All I noticed is that I couldn’t read them without squinting.

That really stinks that ya’ll didn’t get the bonus points. Interesting hanging device (to me at least). What’d ya’ll make the tubing-like stuff that I’m assuming ya’ll used to latch the rope onto the tower with?


Basically, it’s four fiberglass poles with a twin-hook thing at the end (the poles are just bike flags, and the hook is a bent aluminum rod). Attached to that is a long strip of nylon webbing that we just keep loose, and then to deploy it there’s just a little loop of parachute cord on the hook that just goes around a bolt on our winch, and when we back the winch up a bit the whole thing springs forward. Then we winch down the webbing. The winch is just a rod driven by a FP motor and gearbox.
(wasn’t sure how to answer your question, so I just gave the whole spiel)