pic: 2Train Robot take home base

The 2Train Robot (frc 395) takes Home Base.
(It’s hard to see the robot at home base but if you zoom in, it’s there)

YANKEE STADIUM!! wow congrats to the whole team! How did you get this organized??

I’m so torn.
I hate the Yankees with a passion but I appreciate them supporting FIRST robotics.
My brain hurts.

I love the Yankees.
Before I am - really - old I want to go to a game in Yankee Stadium and get a cap.

This is wayyyy cool.

And the crowd goes W - I - L - D…


Thats how it works you either love or hate the yanks Ed:) . Either way I think that FIRST teams in general should look at the class and professionalism of that organization that they are known for. 2train excellent job at getting the word out and being active in the off season. Thats incredible seeing a robot at a large sporting event like that very impressive someone is doing a great job on there homework.


lol, it would be hilarious if a robot rolled through a football game like one of those crazy fans!


p.s. good job, its really great to see teams doing stuff like this.

The stadium isn’t exactly packed…

Where was everybody?

It’s probably a long time before the game was supposed to begin.

Way to go 2Train! Keep up the great work.