pic: 2wd Crab Strafer Vex

as you can see my vex bot is clearly superior to Arefin’s witch can only do tank drive and who’s joystick is backwoods. Woot

this baby drives tank style and with the sweet ability to swing it sideways. Stay tuned for the next update witch will include the Modded RF20 Nerf Gun

This looks pretty nice.

Do I sense a battle of the holonomics coming?

Whaddaya say Tytus?
Wanna go a few? :wink:



i thought the rules were one kit only? Other wise John would always win

And Arefin’s bot will literally be a push over for the Nerf Gun on the 2 wheel swivel. Maybe some stablizing omni’s will be needed. All I know is its really cool

I have you all beat, I did this back in november 2003.

Most everything used to build it came straight from the Edubot kit.

The servos came from the radio transmitter which was needed to control the 2004 Robot Controller.

Unfortunately I never got anyone on my team to program it.

I had to adapt some sprockets to get them to attach to the servos using a servo horns, which required some thought and screws.

The other problem was the the wheel’s axis of rotation was not directly over the axis of steering.



<sings> Anything you can do, I can do better </sings>

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol Elgin your great. Tytus that is a great start to vex building I am sure you will make some awesome things once you get used to the vex kit and it’s parts. :slight_smile: Very cool that you got a kit! JVN bring it! lol

  • :] Drew :]

Well now that Tytus has a Vex kit, we’re going to have to step it up.
I told my boss “time to break out the REALLY crazy stuff.”

VexLABS - “Inventing the Future of Vex” :wink:

So John, when are you retiring so I can take over your job? Getting to mess with VEX and make this cool stuff all day…psh and you call that a job :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent most of today working on an upgraded design for this:

Definitely don’t play with Vex all day. :rolleyes:

As has been said before, the RackSolutions stuff is the biggest part of our company, and it consumes my time. Still fun for me, but it probably wouldn’t be as fun for you as playing with swerving robots. :wink:

Just to give Kudo’s for this kit, Chet our team leader bought it out of his own pocket and let Tytus have a go at it. I hope the team gets it back in 1 piece :wink:
3 cheers for Chet, he does all the thankless stuff on our team…

Hahahaha… you are dreaming right?

Very nice job Tytus.

Btw… I wasn’t competing wtih you or playing “who is the best.” I don’t think I want to play that game with anyone. That vex kit was given to me by the Broward county school board and I was told to not to cut any piece (reason why I sticked with that drive). This vex kit will be used for local workshops and such. Whatever knowledge I have, I like to put it out there and if ANYONE learns a bit out of it, I feel good. Also tytus… I do have a Social life, family, work and College (as a full time student). I hardly get any time to work on stuff that you work on. All my extra time goes after robotics and my gf.

I would also like to point out… that you are my best buddy, and I would NOT want to play the game “Who is cooler.” … see you soon man… :slight_smile:

p.s.- you ACTUALLY cleaned that floor? (I went over his house this past weekend and his floor was a MESS)

very nice tytus… i knew something interesting would come out of you…lol…

keep up dreaming great things as usual

thanks to chet who lets you go crazy! lol… good luck w/ the team this year :slight_smile:

Very nicely done Tytus. I was beginning a crab myself and I found that I was overengineering it. And Swampdude, I don’t think its coming back in one piece. Check out the 25 hole bars. :smiley: Many pieces. (trying to show my sense of humor :slight_smile: )