pic: 3/4 shot of 258's wooden Snowbot

A 3/4 shot of 258’s Snowbot.

Casters were originally used as the undriven wheels, but when they were decided to be too… crappy, we flipped the 2x4" to which they were attached, and affixed two 6" Skyway wheels to the bot.

Version shown has no light, which was added later.

The side of the bot with driven wheels is propped up on 2 2x8"s and 1 2x6", just scrap we had laying around after building the ramp, pictures of which have been previously posted.

An extention cord is visible in the upper part of the shot. The legs of Harry Garland, our lead administrative mentor are patent. In the bottom right, part of the legs of an old-style metal chair are visible.