pic: 3 Hall of Fame Teams at FLR

Thanks to a suggestion from Walt Hickock, all three of FLR 2008’s Hall of Fame teams (191 X-Cats, 365 MOE, and 67 HOT) got together to take a group photo on the playing field after awards on Friday.

Thanks for the idea, Walt!

This would have been a better photo if not for the lane divider. Sorry HOT Team!

FYI - the HOT team images are not “ghosts” or “duplicates” when viewing through the polycarb - it’s really them! :smiley:

Great group of individuals in this photo. MOE was proud to be part of it.

Next year you might have to fit 340 in there and call FLR the “Hall of Fame” Regional

What a golden opportunity/moment.
Very special. :slight_smile:

3 HOF teams in that field was crazy and awesome at the same time.
although it was a tight fit.

That was an awesome fun group during the photo session :smiley: I can’t wait to see Dave Verbruggia’s Video he took of it with the whole group cheeering each team’s basic cheers.