pic: 3 Tier Stack?

I hope to see the Cheezy Poofs pulling this off with a wooden robot.

Would this put the tote up another level because it is simply based off of height, not the number of totes?

Nope, not the tote. 6 tote points.

However, the Recycler up there could potentially be in Level 4. No backstop there, so I can’t tell for sure.

Doh! Still getting used to lingo for this year. I did mean the recycle bin, thank you.

I feel that this would be very difficult to do with a robot.

This made me think of an interesting question.

Will tall tote stacks (regardless of orientation) be impacted by high speed robots crossing the white bump? It would be cool to have the Cheesy Poofs, Robonauts or other team which plans to build a field to scale with FRC carpet do some experiments.

The field drawings spec the scoring areas as a sheet of 1/2" plywood on top 3 strips of (3/4" plywood + 1/2" plywood). That whole plywood platform gets stuck to the carpet with 2 long strips of 2" velcro. The HPDE gets velcroed to the top of the 1/2" sheet and the ramps are velcroed to a short bevel on the edge of the sheet. It looks like the bottom edge of the ramps isn’t velcroed to the carpet. The ramps are definitely only supported by the carpet at the bottom and the velcro/plywood at the top.

Anyways, the 2 strips of velcro will probably provide enough grip that the only way you’re really moving things is if you move the carpet. I’d be more worried about how the 1/4" thick HDPE ramp is going to react if you hit it at high speed. It’s a 7" long span only pinned at the ends, so if you hit it fast enough, you’ll probably deflect it a bit, which might make the ride over the bump a little rougher than at slower speeds.

We ended up measuring the lowest position of the recycling bin on the top tote and found it to be 50 in. After mathing, this would put it in the fourth zone, therefore optimizing the usage of three totes.

You cant score any points the way he has it set up since the orientation has to be the same as the other totes.

I don’t remember ever reading or hearing anything like that. Can you tell me where that is in the manual?

Its legal::rtm::