pic: 30 points

Teaser for 2771 level 3 climb.

Now that’s a big fan you have mounted there.

At least you know you will have one fan this year.

Yeah, but so far, only us Michigan teams are going to have to deal with it…always in Michigan…

In all seriousness, it’s gonna be a good defensive bot, and if this 30 point climb is legit, this could be a first alliance pick. This thing could have a good enough defense where you can’t afford to have it on an opposing alliance.

Week 1. Traverse City. Good luck Code Red!

Now is about the time when I wish you were coming to West Michigan. Oh well, there are still webcasts.
How fast can you climb? 20 pt dump?

…competition :confused: great looking bot, I’m not sure if we will have our climber at traverse city, but it will be at grand blanc for sure. We built a shooter and climber but it is a time crunch to get both finished and in working order. Glad to see another defensive bot. Good luck!

Is the fan larger than the base or just mounted outside of the frame perimeter?

The fan rotates on a horizontal axis so that it can start within frame perimiter.

How loud is the fan?

I would like to see some video of this in action.

Calvin, don’t you think you should have erased the drawings or turned the board before taking the picture? :slight_smile:

The real question is, will Code Red compete with a black robot or a red one???

Teaser for 2771 level 3 climb.

…I spy an industrial fan.

I was hoping someone would be mounting a giant fan on their bot for defense, we considered this idea.

How effective is the fan? Do you have any video of it in action that you’d be willing to release (it’s cool if you want to wait, Code Red always makes awesome unveil videos, so I can wait for that).

Wrong code red. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sew-HUc0lxY
(I think one should be code red, the other code red robotics…)

There’s me getting my teams mixed up again (I blame 25 for my bad memory).

Either way, it’s a good opportunity for Code Red Robotics to make an awesome unveil video.

After 8 years of FRC, I just learned about the other code red last year.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t get any video of it in action before we bagged our robot.

I suppose that would have been a good idea…