pic: 303 2015 Drivebase Release

Simple 5 piece construction
All gear driven, no belts or chains
Directly compatible with WCP 3 cim shifters

This design was posted in the past on Chief Delphi. Since then changes were made and it was produced for Brunswick Eruption to be tested. It lasted the whole event with no break downs or maintenance required. We did however make several changes to the design to make the design more rigid and more likely to last a whole season with no major breakdowns or maintenance required.

File releases:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/4164ol3nl0fq3c8/Robot.stp?dl=0 (12/30/14)

A bit of a side note, but how do you like GrabCad? We are thinking of using it this year as a replacement for Google Drive but have not had a chance to play with it much.

We are using it this year. We’ve done a small chassis in the offseason, and so far I like it. It’s definitely very easy to use, and with few bugs, if any. At least I haven’t seen any yet.
Don’t download the SolidWorks add-in though. It makes SW randomly crash (at the most inopportune times). Apart from that it’s good.

I haven’t had any issues with the GrabCAD plugin and SW 2015.

Where did you get Solidworks 2015? Last I checked they were only giving Solidworks 2014 licenses to teams.

I find it useful just for the cloud backup and revision system. It’s too early to say whether my team will find it useful for collaboration as we develop and finish our design.

When SW crashes, does it stop responding to input and then close after about a minute without any error messages? Because I started getting that with the GrabCAD addin active.

No, it just freezes up. I haven’t left it on for a full minute once it “whites out”.
I have it disabled right now, and that seems to solve the problem.

My bad, the 2014-2015 student version is 2014, as you stated.

Asid, have you tried just reinstalling solidworks or the plug-in?

I have not tried either of those. It’s not a priority for me, so I haven’t focused on it. I’m sure a redownload would do it (it has worked in the past) but it’s not a priority.