pic: 3053 - Scobes

This is our robot that will be competing at the FVC PA Tournament tommorow (March 10th). Tell us what you think of our robot.

Very cool!
I’m not really up to date on the vex competition-

What does it do?

looks like it puts softballs in the 2’ goal and climbs on the platform. is there a hanging device im missing?

Our team had the exact same idea

I think i’m missing something. I just watched the Vex Kickoff today and it doesn’t look like that robot would do any of the challenges. :confused: OOh, See the little wires coming off the ramp? I see! Pretty cool.

It would be fun to have a robot you can change in an instant. It isn’t so with FRC. Welds dont act like screws.

That’s exactly what it does. We got up to 22 balls in the high goal during the PA tournament today. It doesn’t have a hanging device at the moment, it probably will by Atlanta.

so i take it you won?

Our alliance came in second but we won the Inspire Award, which for those who don’t know, also gets that team to World Championships.

Yea it sucks u guys only got second place alliance but I was really impressed with it. Everybody else on the event staff was hopein u’d beat the vexy things, just a lil bit. But nice job anyways. I got tons of pics of it, check out weatherlyrobotics.org a bit later for all the pics, I seriously took at least 280. Hope to see oyu next year.

Awesome, our team would love to see them. We were so busy scouting, competing, and fixing other robots we kind of entirely forgot to take pictures of us competing.