pic: 306 Decided To Finish??

This where we ended up Saturday afternoon before we went home. Big change from our usual strategy- we really don’t work that well under pressure! Nearly complete, just a few days away from powder.

Very creative how the scoring mechanism stores underneath the ramp from the looks of it. This is the first bot I’ve seen this this far along using the suction cup, it was pretty powerful when we tested it, it should work out well. Can’t wait to see you guys at competition. You’ll probably be a tank of a robot like last year :yikes: .

creatie arm design, you the first team I have seen that doesn’t have a “grabber” per say and you grab from the outside edge instead of the middle very creative, I hope it works well, I can see you having problems if they fall on the floor though.

A video can be found here:


Here is a direct link to the Video:


That’s our favorite spot actually!