pic: 3098 teaser for 2012

Less than a week to go! Here’s 3098’s official teaser!

I’m so happy to see this. We tried a similar setup but found the vex wheels slipped on the metal too much for our tastes. How do you avoid that? It looks like there are rubber bands holding the wheels in tension with the lazy susan - ?

That is correct. On our practice bot we notice the lazy susan had some “dead” spots where the wheel would slip. We have a pivot point and some surgical tubing to keep constant pressure on it.

Is that a bridge lowering mechanism towards the bottom of the picture? Seems as though a lot of teams are using this type of device.

If you ask our team if it’s a bridge manipulator, the official answer is no. We argued for 2 weeks about what it’s called, wheelie bar, bridge manipulator, or self correction tool. So the bottom line of it is, it’s an MPT (Multi-purpose tool).

We rocked the Vex wheel drive & sensor mount for our turret in 2009 and had no major problems. We put a strip of high friction material (weather stripping, to be exact :slight_smile: ) on the lazy susan to avoid slip.

Ok, cool. Looks pretty robust, should do the job or jobs in this case :]

^ good idea, based on the picture looks like 3098 could easily implement a mod like that.