pic: 316 lifting 424 on practice day at FLR

the dominant lift/ramp bot at FLR raising 424 on practice day

316 lifter was like WOW!
That was the most sucessful lifter of FLR. i think with almost every match they were in, they got that 60 bonus points.

that was the best lifter i have seen yet so far, i am really looking forward to 1501’s as well.

good luck in all of your comps 316!

I am biased, but that is a nice looking robot on top of 316 :yikes:

I was very impressed by 316’s lifting device. What a good robot!

Thank you all for a great competition at FLR I cant wait to come again.
Also thank you to team 424 for being the first team to trust us enough to lift them.

and good luck to all teams

Very nice robot!–(both)

This is by far the best lifting robot I have seen. There unique design makes them unstoppable once the 2 teams get lined up on them (which is pretty easy since all you have to do is get right beside them)

Once the two teams are lined up on our platforms we can have them up in 9 seconds.

You can lift each side independently right?


Yes we can. But to lift one robot at a time the first robot has to be on the side that has out-riggers so we do not tip. Then if the other robot comes back we can still lift them.

316 was amazing. The two matches that we won were with them. If I remember correctly, they only lost one match or so.

Nice Nice! Enough said!

I was sure 316 would be first seeded and pick Moe or X-cats, but it ended up that Moe got first seed and picked X-cats.

Shows how well I can predict things.

Very Very Very nice lifting robot. They helped us out a lot with those bonus points!

We caused quite a stir in the final secs of Thursday practice round, when MOEzilla (Red alliance) drove into the blue homezone and onto Lunatech’s platform. The Techs then tried a double lift of one red bot and one blue bot (unfotunatly we didn’t park on the platform correctly, it is hard to see).

It confused many people, and some may have mistook it for a malicious act. It was actually something the teams planned before the match; since blue was missing a partner we filled in so they could try a double lift. We were partnered with them in the next match and and they succeed in the double lift.