pic: 316 Lifts Two

316 bench pressed two with ease - when their partners got on in time. 316 and 357 were clearly the best End Game robots in Philly.

very nice. what actually makes it go up?

That was an awesome ramp. I was really surprised you and Sparx didn’t make it farther at FLR.

That was a GREAT ramp, and a great match. Dawgma always got up that half platform with ease, and 316 consistantly managed to pick up teams without breaking a sweat (or a much needed part). This is definitely a machine with pizazz (okay, I just really wanted to use that word)

thank you petek for the nice tag

That is such an impressive robot! Great job at FLR and the other regionals! Can’t wait to see you guys in Atlanta…!

FP motors with a beautiful ratchet design.

Easily my favorite bot this year. No Question.

It is great to here all of this commotion about our robot. It makes my teammates feel great. Thanks to everyone who replied to this post.

Team 316 uses a FP motor for both platforms. The benefits of the platform compared to a ramp bot is that you only need to clear a 1" step:eek: . From there we lift 12+ inches:ahh: . We customed machined our own pulley system. Plus we have SAFETY features built in. However, that is top secret. If this secret is released then we would consider the death penalty (Hinzer) hint… hint…:cool: