pic: 322 trick wheels complete


put the omni wheels on this week, what a difference. The bot turns on a dime now.

Those are some nice wheels.
What is your ground clearance?

Those omni wheels are hot!

Those look really nice, and appear to have nice forwards traction. Nice job :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly our ground clearance is about 1/8" I’ll check at our meeting tommorr…today and say it :slight_smile:

You do know that the triangles at the load stations are 1/4" HPDE don’t you :ahh:
Nice looking wheels. Good luck at your regionals :slight_smile:

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor

The ground clearance is 3/4" actually sorry for the miss information and to all good luck at the regionals. :]

Wow. I love those wheels… how much did they cost???