pic: 322 upside down...and paul sees a ghost?

Here is a pic of team 322 hanging upside down like they do best, but also look at the bum in the backround, it seems Paul has seen a ghost… :wink:

I love watching 322 hang. Mighty nice design there!

Not too shabby of a robot hanging along with you either. :wink:

Good luck

haha thx mzitz2k… i like your robot as well. i’ve never noticed paul’s reaction in this pic before… its almost impossible to imagine what he’s thinking at that very moment (probably something along the lines of “this red wings jersey is really starting to itch”).

that is an awesome way to hang. Is it fast? it looks like it would be efficent going around insted of pulling straight up. Have you guys ever fallen :ahh:

yep… its pretty quick, matter of seconds once our hooks are on (about 20 seconds to hook from the beginning of human controls).

and yes WE HAVE FALLEN OFF THE BAR, but only one time. it was durring the practice round at GLR and we had no practice time driving the robot before ship date. so when we went to hook, we were only able to get one of our hooks on the bar and our weld broke and crash!!! at least the hook stayed on the bar :smiley: