pic: 32lbs of press

What happens if you come by the Winnovation pit and ask for weight to add, brought a 78lb robot up to 110.

photo courtesy of karthik

how did you fasten it to the frame?

not quite well enough, working with the material they had (random pieces of angle and flat stuff, not enough angle…) you can see the 2 bolts running through the press that went down to a piece of flat underneath those two pieces of angle. This all happened in about 5 minutes (needed one more piece of angle to have it good)

oh i see the bolts now



here’s to making the most of what we have!

Was that added to the Bill of Materials?:wink:

In the 2006 (Aim High) eliminations at the Los Angeles Regional, Team 4 borrowed a tow hitch from the NASA machine shop to “beef-up” the robot. Six heavy-duty zip-ties weren’t quite strong enough to keep it on board in the first QF match, so I had to retrieve it from the field. We did a better job of securing it for subsequent matches. A little later (as we were going into the finals), the machine shop staff came by to reclaim their tow hitch. We replace it with a roll of #25 chain, which got the job done!

And the chant in the stands for this team became “Full Court Press”!!! LOL:yikes:

It would have been even better if some teams came by the pit and used the press while it was on the robot. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty impressive. That’s one of the last things I would have expected to see on a robot. :ahh:

Did you leave it on the robot during shipping? If so, you’ll find Aren actually shoddily attached the arbor press for a reason: Think giant ShockWatch sticker… If there’s an arbor-press-shaped hole in the side of your crate, your robot has undergone >5g of shock during shipment. Please contact the Shepard representatives before uncrating. :]


For those wondering, this picture was taken pre review by the Lead Inspector. Zip ties were removed and additional hardware was added. For those who were at the Midwest Regional, this was the Marine team. Hoo Rah! They never stopped trying all weekend. High on my list of teams to be proud of.

Ah! Figures.

lmao we were super under wieght at our first competition, so we went outside lansing convention center and found a 50 pound cinder block. we then proceded to break and fix almost 30 pounds of peices too our robot. definatly screams my style, what quick and dirty solution can we make?

We took it off before they left :smiley: They even customized it for us. Notice the electrical tape on the side?

I took notice.

Edit: if anyone is wondering, I did a search for Marine insignia. I recognized it.

And if you scroll a little further down the page that image comes from you will see the standard Marine Corps issue…phaser?

Note: All the insignia is the same and the linked image is the second hit in a google image search for “Marine Corps Insignia”. I just found it a little odd that they had a “Sergeant Major of the Starfleet Command Marine Corps”.

We had a similar situation at the Sacramento Regional. Instead of an arbor press, a large red bench vise was borrowed and used. At one time during the competition, the team clamped a piece of cardboard in the jaws which stated something like; “Place your ad (or logo) here.” I’m pretty sure they were just having fun with it but would likely have accepted the offer of sponsorship. I’ll see if I can find a picture.

Ah, yes, I remember that team, they also had a plywood piece with their team number on it.