pic: 330' build site

Our build location: an empty grocery store. The rack hangs form the ceiling. BeachBot 2004 is being used as our practice robot.

That’s a pretty swank workshop. I think BeachBot 2005 would make an excellent practice bot for this year… that arm is still crazy effective, even without the Wedges of Doom™. Best of luck to you guys.

Your blue tube looks sick…

P.S. Your build site kind of reminds me of the Ninja Turtles’ HQ, Don’t ask me why.

thats ballin

If you look closely you can see 05 in the background behind the rack. For various reasons I won’t go into here, 04 is better equiped for the testing we were doing at the time. 05 is still active and is being used for other testing. With some very minor modifications 05 was certainly able to place rings on the rack.

BTW if your team is in Southern California and needs a place to try your robot out, please contact us. Other teams are welcome to visit and use our Rack, but our hours are somewhat irregular so it would be best to call ahead and make sure somebody will be there. Just PM me and we can set something up.

what’s that ramp-y looking thing on the righthand side?
it looks like stairs but then they connect to a table.

why are you guys building in a dungeon?!

This is in the back of an old Albertsons. Those are conveyors for stock in the backroom.

I wish we had a nice work room like this!!! You have SPACE!! we’re building ours in a physics classroom and things have always been crowded…but its getting a bit messy which makes it so much worse!!

Yes, this is an old stock room of an Albertsons that recently closed (that our church owns). That is a conveyor that I assume moved products from the upstairs area to down below, or visa versa. We do have a lot of space, and it is more convenient as far as having visitors and just getting everyone there (we used to work from an old workshop in the basement of a power plant…:yikes: ), but at the same time, it is less nice as we don’t have access to all the tools we used to use (property of the power plant…).

We have to use an old freezer as our tool crib, but the place is cool (and we were able to build a full rack because of our space!).

How did you guess what the store used to be? (Oh, wait–you’re from the area.)

I like how the rack is hanging from the ceiling. That’s very cool.