pic: 330's build area

Guess what some of the walls of our rooms are made of.

We all know what this means. There will be at least one robot this year that can drive on walls. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you work in a locker room or shower stall or something?? :yikes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Close, a freezer.

That explains why our teams work so well together. :wink:

Haha… you know it!

We’ve worked in this area for the past 2 years, and it wasn’t until a week or so ago that Joe actually noticed the wall material… now we get a free supply :smiley:

Wait, you work in the Midwest?

In California there are special rooms that are used to store cold stuff…putting cold stuff outside doesn’t work, because it warms up.

Is the freezer in the grocery store warehouse? I love hearing about that place.

Yes, it’s in the back of an old Albertson’s building. We use the lockable freezers for tools and robot storage, since it’s not just us that use the facility. It’s a dungeon back there :smiley:

I seem to recall that back in 2007, we had a team meeting or two in there, as it was the warmest area in the shop that could fit everyone. There were warmer areas, but they aren’t big enough. (And the programmers were in there most of the time…)

Ironic, isn’t it, that a freezer is the warmest area in a shop?

not really, freezers are well insulated, so as long as they are not hooked up to a cooling unit, and filled with warm bodies, it would seem that they would warm up pretty nicely!

lol is that regolith wall?!?!??!! =P

the walls in our school bathrooms are also made of the regolith material but we cant take it off the walls because that would be vandalism.

[joke] Well, now there’s a thought - when we think of vandalizing school bathrooms we think about graffiti normally - now we’re discussing removal of whole walls as vandalism. We’re such overachievers…

Jane’s thought bubble:

“Well, you see sir, we wanted to remove the wall and turn it into the floor for our robot. I know this isn’t quite possibly making sense but if you would like to come to our upcoming competition, we’d be glad to show you what a bathroom wall can do when put to good use as a floor.” [/joke]

ok, where’s my coffee?

Oh, sure, you have a *freezer *to work in. All *we *have is a dorm mini-fridge…

Jane… you are awesome.

That is all.