pic: 3313 Hammer Time

FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics has started making our final hammer for our robot. Lots of wood putty, paint, leather, glitter?, and other stuff still to come.

PVC is also a great building material:



What are you using to provide force for the hammer? Springs, motors, or just gravity?

Are you going to call this Mjölnir?

Looks really great!
Our team used a similar mechanism in 2008.

The initial idea came from 2337 and their 2008 robot. We’re powering it in a very different way.

We are using a ToughBox with 2 CIMS. We are using a couple 500 Hex hubs (like in the AM14U) on the hammer and a long 500 hex output shaft from the ToughBox. I’ll be honest, not sure on the gear ratio we are using. We bought the ToughBox back in 2011 when I was a rookie head coach.

We may or may not have some Thor theme ideas planned for the robot… By that I mean we definitely do. Haha.

I’m dumb. Didn’t notice who posted the 2337 photo. Hahaha.

Thanks for posting that!! Your videos from 2008 were a great inspiration to us!!

Rest assured, we are using PVC for our intake device.

If your robot isn’t named Thor I will be most disappointed.