pic: 3322 First Design Iteration / Practise Bot

Love the gear intake/delivery mechanism.

Looks good. Nice and low design. Any hopper going to be implemented later?

looks like a solid gear robot.

I am having trouble understanding how the gear intake is supposed to work. I am really happy to see how teams are specializing this year. It should make things interesting.

EDIT: See billfred’s post below.

I’m not them, but I imagine there’s something underneath the chute to let them kick the gear up from the floor intake into that pocket for scoring.

I know of a few gear robots out there, but this is the first one I’ve seen in any assembled form. I like what I see!

That’s not a floor intake, it’s a climber.

The gear holder at the front actuates backward to line up with the bottom end of the ramp. The gear drops from the chute down the ramp and into the holder, which then actuates forward to place the gear. Once on the peg, the pilot lifts the gear out of the robot.

Our strategy this year was to build a simple, reliable, fast gear robot and get plenty of driver practice for speed. There is no floor intake, for mechanical simplicity and because we’re betting we don’t need one.

I can see this being a very successful robot, two weeks left for tons of practice for those drivers!

In a word, no.


Hey! That’s my shoe!

edit- delete.

Is that roller legal? It looks like it extends outside the frame perimeter to me (which wouldn’t be a problem after the match starts, but it has to start inside the frame before the match).

Looking good!! I am glad to see that we (433) are not the only team going with a “load from one side place from the other side” gear specialist strategy. Best of Luck at your competitions.


No way, which one??

Good eye. Yeah, it’ll be rectified through some combination of moving the spool back a bit and removing some material from the spool such that in one position, it’s within the frame perimeter (and we’ll start each match with the spool in that position). Even as it is on the practise bot, I’d call it a minor protrusion no greater than 1/4 in, but I’m not sure how many inspectors would agree.

Looks like pliable roller ‘fingers’ can be pulled into the frame perimeter before start of match so should be legal.

Nice - similar to our robot in general delivery, but we’re not that far along, and we’re leaving space for a floor pickup; our “gear holder” goes far enough back to accept a gear coming up from the floor, and tilts farther forward to push the gear onto the peg for a more secure position.

I love this robot. It stays simple but should be very effective at what it’s attempting to accomplish, and plus you finished super early so you have plenty of practice time. This is the robot a lot of FRC should have built, and they will be kicking themselves for not having gone in this direction.

Team 4272 is also going with a similar design of Gear loading and Gear manipulator on the other side. It seems like the most simple, yet efficient method.

Good Luck!!