pic: 334 Shooter Hint

After our successful prototype, we plasma cut the first half of our shooter for the robot.

Looks nice. What brand of plasma cutter do you have?

PlasmaCAM 4x4. Hypertherm 65A torch. Massive compressor.

Basketball shooting hood?

That’s the top plate of a curved shooter that even has a mounting point for an encoder. :cool:

I wouldn’t call it the top plate per say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like its giving impressive cut quality. We are still trying to dial ours in that well.

Best thing we did, was get a piece of material you would typically cut/use (ours is 6061 or 5053 1/8" AL) and make a series of small parts making small changes to the heat and speeds as per torches guide. hypertherm does a great job of tabulating all speeds/feeds/amperage ratings. once you’re happy with what a flying torch will do at 150ipm you’re set!

I know what your doing, your doing the 90 degree single wheel shooter