pic: 3355

Finished the frame and chassis. Waiting on the new transmissions; then, installing electricals and software. Should be done by Friday night. Haha…the operative word is “should” Whoa, some quality drive time in store.

Love this robot. I’m so happy a team actually built a robot similar to everybot. This robot will effectively fill a critical role on any elims alliance and I look forward to seeing it in competition!

"Should" That single word sums up build season and everyone’s first regional…

Very true. At the end of the day…the tweaking of the robot is never done haha

This is such a sleek and pretty robot. Good work!

I’m looking forward to seeing this robot compete in the Playoffs at the Dallas Regional! Looks great guys!

The color and robot build quality looks great. Nice job Purple Vipers, Team 3355. Good Luck at the Dallas Regional !

Wait, the team name is the Purple Vipers and they didn’t paint their robot purple? I am sad now.

I kinda assumed that lexan box was going to hold purple snakes. Was I wrong? Cause I am not sure there is a specific rule against it… though if you do it I be there will be a new team update.

The Robowrangler All Black color scheme has permeated Dallas.

How much longer do we have before it starts spreading down I-45? I need some advance notice if I’m going to have to change my whole wardrobe.

My team has caught a case of a nearly all black robot this year as well, I’m not a fan

I’ve got some Peak Green PLA that’d fit in very nicely over there in Katy, if you need any 3D prints to spruce up the robot.

Haha I’ll stick with our blue and orange bracket accents

Thanks to all for the compliments. We just went through “purple haze” for our JV FTC robot with tons of 3D printed parts for the first time this year. We were like kids at the candy store. The custom parts were all purple. :eek: The varsity team put their collective feet down and said "no more @#$5 purple. Heck, black paint is cheap, right?

I too was sad but team trumps coach/mentor in this case. They bought in to the idea of simple, robust and niche filling. I wasn’t going to start the yearly drama about some mere paint. We’ve got a good give and take on most everything. It’s one of the reasons I keep teaching after 30 years!

See all (whom are going) at the Dallas Regional. We’re low resource so this is the big show for us. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Steve Miller

Meltdown alert. We were mounting up our electrical boards and one of the team members noticed that the right and left rear wheels weren’t mounted in the same hole. It’s a breakdown the chassis Saturday instead of driving practice…:mad:
Silver linings…

  1. Our young, underclassmen, construction team is learning how to break down and rebuild a chassis side in record time…haha

  2. See #1.