pic: 3374 is all bagged up #1

Team 3374 after bagging up the final robot! See you in Utah! (Before you ask I’m the cool kid with the red jacket in the center)

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We’ve got a ≈10-second climb, reliable gear mech and a 6 CIM defense-oriented drive chassis. Custom gearboxes included! Ask questions here!

Can you tell me more about your involvement in the NASA HUNCH program?

Our school has been involved with HUNCH for quite a few years now. The team always goes down to JSC to present to the Astronaut Corp in April. (Just so happens this year it’s during one of the days of FRC championships in Houston :mad:) We participated in the extreme science portion (zero-g plane experiments) until they cut the funding - now we just focus on small problems that occur on-orbit. We haven’t flown yet, but hope to one day. Every once and a while a team’s project will be chosen to go up on a resupply mission (SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, etc). It’s really an awesome program - and personally, I can’t handle build season and HUNCH at once as well as keep my grades up. There are only really 4 kids on our FRC team that are extremely involved in HUNCH. (Team convinced the school to provide HUNCH as an alternative for PLTW Capstone)