pic: 340 has some fun at the arch!

So after visiting the top of the arch, one of our students had the great idea to go back down to the bottom and write our team number with our bodies! It was super fun, and it was a great way to start the weekend! Good luck this weekend everybody!

Hahaha I see 340 is enjoying their time in St. Louis :wink:
Good luck guys! Hope 1126 gets to work with you guys on the field!

Love it!!

Great idea! I wish our team had thought of that. We had our own fun at the arch, though. In the capsule, we all put on our safety glasses and bounced a bouncy ball (courtesy of team 1519, thanks so much) off the walls:D

I think you might have gotten the 0 backwards.

That’s something we’ve never heard of anybody doing with our bouncy balls (aka “Mechanical Mayhem Mini Mayhem Makers!”)

Thanks for letting us know!

…and here I thought it was the Australian team writing “OhE” :stuck_out_tongue: