pic: 340 Ruckus Teaser

Hmmmmm, what could this be?

Any ideas? :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

A license plate? O well, I’ll see the robot in just under 10 hours, I can wait.

Looks like a New York license plate to me. :rolleyes:
Welcome to the team name plate club. :wink:

It reads FRC 340 I believe. A new cart with a license plate? That or they made a new shooter.

hmm…maybe a robot for GRR 2, Team 424

My Guess:

The new GRR 340 Robot Cart

HAHA! What a sweet robot, it was a joy to watch!

I’ll leave the details to the GRR fellas to tel ya, but i walked in today late and jason pulled me off to the side because it was on the field and i was impressed!

Cmon… Someone fill us in on this…

Rees needs to post a picture because I left the pictures of the ROBOT in his camera. I’ll give you a hint, the robot looks something like this including me! :yikes:

Not to be rude Matt, but has anyone ever told you that you are really good at making people crazy? Just enough information to make imaginations go nuts.

I have been told that I am good at that. I apoligize. I will explain it here, and you will have to wait until Rees posts a picture to see what it actually looks like.

We have two teams this year. This presented a problem for the Ruckus because we only had one robot from the previous year. So, we gave the rookie team our robot (which they modified) and the veterans built a new one. The students thought that it would be a cool idea to use a Power Wheels car as the body because it would look sweet :smiley: . We went out looking for one, and I found one at a garage sale. To make a long story short, the students took the Power Wheels car and turned it into a Jeep harvester bot with a two speed :yikes: .

Now that is simply awesome, and original too. What was the Power Wheels car reinforced with?

YaY, sigh, relief.
Thank you for the explanation, Matt.
It (they) will be neat to see.
P.S. good hints/clues are good good fun -

You will see when the picture is submitted that there is a aluminum sub frame underneath the body with a 6-wheel drive AndyMark two speed on it with IFI wheels. The original wheels were kept on for good looks :yikes: .

The robot in question

I just posted a picture of the robot to CD. Lets move this discussion to that picture :yikes:

i believe that would be a piece of diamond plate steel with the reflection of a 95’ - 01’ Ford Mustang that has a New York license plate on it