pic: 342 8-wheel articulation on bump

Here is how our 8-wheel set up articulates over the bump. This is just our mock-up frame.

Looks fantastic. Where is the bottom of the bumper in relation to this frame? Great design.

Very cool.
How well does it turn?


Very Neat design. Any vids of it in action. I wish we had the time to build one of these, maybe 3 :smiley:

Yes I am also curious on how well it turns.

I notice your robot was mainly engineered to deal with the bump. . . however what kind of kicking mechanism (if there is one) are you going to use?

Otherwise this is a fantastic design other than the compromise of maneuverability.

Test video?

There is a link to video below the picture. The bumper will attach to a bar just above the cut off the picture on top. As for the kicker, I’m not going to throw everything out there just yet. I still have 3 weeks to mess with you guys.:wink: