pic: 342 making progress


We are making progress.
8 wheel drive on 4 pivoting drive pods
telescoping arm (work in progress)

We also have two speed andymark transmittion and a 842 style kicker ( can’t really see in this picture). Any input/ comments?

p.s. 10 points to anyone who spots the easter egg.:wink:

Are you lifting yourself with a winch? or is all your lifting going to be done with the telescoping arm?

Very sweet idea using the pivoting rods for the wheels, have you tried this on a mock bump yet? that would be cool to see.

Looks good. Have you guys tackled a bump yet? If so how did it fair? Also the arm looks nice. I sure do wish we had somebody that could get us some of that nifty bosch rexroth extruded aluminum to work with.:wink:

The double wound winch controls the arm’s length. It handles the bump like a dream. Still condisering some suspenssion if we have the weight.

I’m sure you will find someone to help you with that :wink:

you mean the fact that it looks scarily similar to your 2005 robot? So much, in fact, that some might mistake it for the original?

DING DING, we have a winner! Ok so this is really our 2005 bot, but we are using most of the concepts we learned from that year and improving them on this robot. Concider this a teaser for what is to come:p

I was wonder how long it would take for someone to notice

Will we still get to see spinners? :yikes:

I was going to say, that’s a pretty large arm for getting you on the bar! For a 2005 robot, it looks really well for almost 5 years since last competition! Have you tried driving that robot over the bumps? A couple of modifications and you have 2 robots for off-season!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

My only question is this. How well does the arm hold on to the tower? I really enjoy the 8 wheel pivot design looks great.

We took the arm off for testing. We filled up two tote boxes full of gears, motors, and batteries (roughly 250 lb) and it lifted them in 10 sec using the old van door motor. So there is definatly room for improvment. It climbs the bump like a dream.

As for the spinners…come on, do you really think we would show up with out our bling?:cool:

Oh wow. It seems to be a very good starting point. And I bet it gets over it seems like it would do it with elegance. And what kinda spinners are we talking abotu here? Opposites, Dollar bills, ninja stars?

Vids or it didn’t happen. :stuck_out_tongue: We’re going to find out soon enough for ourselves.

Have you used other robots to push against your robot to see how your drive modules react to external forces without a suspension?

whats the weight on that monster?

It reminds me of monster truck rallies, with bling!


Happy now?:cool:

I am in LOVE with your drivetrain lol

Indeed. :slight_smile:

I understand that this is basically your 2005 robot and that you are taking into consideration and improving the concepts from that bot. . .
But even though the robot will be able to travel easily over the bump and somehow hang in during the last 20 seconds; the 8 wheel drive system worries me.

. . . How well does it turn?
. . . Is it fast enough to play defensively?
. . . Kicking system? (If the robot is not that maneuverable it will have trouble lining up shots.)

Related to questions 1 and 3 - if those are 4" wheels…AndyMark makes 4" plastic omniwheels.