pic: 343 at scrimmage


We can go over, under, up the vertical, suck and kick. Attending UCF, Palmetto, and The Championships.


Another beautiful bot guys. One of these days we should build twins;) . See yall at Palmetto.

Hope to see you guys on Friday. Good luck in Peachtree! I’m open to twins:rolleyes:

oh nice looking robot, team 442 is will be seeing yall at UCF.

I cant wait to check this thing out at UCF, the finals in florida are gonna be insane this year.

10 days and counting…

How hard does your robot hit coming down after crossing the burm?

depends on how fast its going when i drive it over :wink:

What are you using for treads?

Brecoflex Co. belts and pulleys. We’ve used them 5 out of 11 years.

Did your team have any trouble with the belt and pulley. How did your team do at the Regional(s)? Our team had the same idea with going tank treads. We used snowmobile track and wheels. This is the first year that we used tank treads.


How did they work in competition?