pic: 343 robot

This is our 2008 robot. What do ya think?

Good arm bot, looks nice. This would compliment out launcher nicely. Hopefully we can team up at Palmetto.:cool:

Very nice and sleek.

Great job!

that looks great. do you guys have any video?

343 without tread -OR- holonomic for two years in a row!?!?!?!

Seriously though, looks great guys. Pity you won’t be at VCU again this year. I’m sure 116 would have loved the opportunity to play with you.

im hoping to get some video at our scrimmage this saturday… ill post some then, but it does work… ive seen it:D

This seems like a pretty common design… so far ive seen 3 robots that have the same concept as yours (with the wheels and the ‘scoop’)

is this just coincidence?

Looks good guys,

Hopefully we get to play some matches together at the Palmetto Regional.

no… its not a coincidence… its just a design that works really well:cool:

indeed it does lol you can add 1565 to the list of roller claw bots lol.

just a question for you, what motor are you using for your arm?? it looks like a globe motor, for the size it is. Yet I see A LOT of stress on that if it is the globe motor! How did you manage it, cause we are using a van door motor, and our arm is much slower than yours (we are working on the speed problem though)

we are actually using 2 bane bot motors for the arm movement. so it has little stress and can move quickly.

Small correction… Two BaneBot transmissions with two Fisher Price motors.