pic: 343 Teaser #1


any guesses anyone? good luck to all!

Well… the picture is of horrible quality. It is not a teaser quality picture, therefore you will not get much out of this.

1 ball manipulator
2 roller for a cascading elevator.

Agreed to this. Good luck with that. :slight_smile:


Going to go with a soccer ball roller that centers the ball.

Climbing device for the vertical poles on the tower. It’s the right shape for that type of interface.

The background looks like a piece of cloth. I think whatever this object is, its pretty small.

Someone has been shopping at a marine supply store :slight_smile:

I have used these before on a research project:

My guess is a ball manipulator!

winch device?

It’s a Yo-Yo. Actually… I have no idea.

I think I should post a real teaser from 343 since you put this poor quality teaser photo :wink:

Oh hardy har har stephen! :wink: yeah… I dont know what happened to it… it looked fine when it was small… then it got blown up… Oh well :smiley:

Exactly what I thought, buy maybe I’m biased. :wink:

One of the problems with coopertition, other teams know your secrets!:yikes:

It means your alliance partners will be just as awesome as you! :smiley:

I don’t have a problem with the picture quality, it’s sufficiently “tease”-worthy. If it gave you everything you wanted, it wouldn’t be a teaser.