pic: 343, up without a doubt

i really like the flames… how did you manage to do them… is it paint or is it like a piece of aluminum flat plate

This robot was awesome i really like your hanger!!! it was fun being alliance partners to!

it is paint. one of our engineers did it, but im not totally sure how…

and andrew, for palmetto, we are actually making the hanger faster. we are using two fisher price instead of one cim. estimated to be twice as fast :cool:

Can you explain how the hanger works? I love the looks of it.

I would love to! :smiley: and im going to descibe how we are driving it now instead of in this picture.

first, the entire mechanism folds down into the robot. it is held by a latch that runs off the motor’s shaft. so, when the motor starts, the latch is released, which then releases the gas shocks.

second, run into the pole. there are two spring loaded clips that clamp itself to the pole.

third, a pneumatic is used to set the weight of the robot to begin to climb.

fourth, two fisher price motors lift the robot up. and the wheel is a trailer boat roller.

the only thing different are the motors, everything else will remain the same

:rolleyes: I wounder where they got the flames from? LOL See you guys Thursday.

Your name doesn’t even have “burning” in it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Really, Really cool.

Just out of curiosity, how fast does it lift above the plane of the platform from when you clamp on?

well… :rolleyes:

about ten seconds. we are hoping with the new motors that it will be a little less

Unless you’re also changing the gearing (aside of just balancing out the free speeds of the FP and the CIM), how are 2 FP motors going to be twice as fast as a single CIM? CIM motors are roughly 250W motors (@10.5V), while FPs are 140W (@10.5V). Even with 2 FPs, you’re only slightly passing the power a single CIM provides, and certainly not doubling it. Even if you’re looking at the power @40A, you’re still not doubling the power of the CIM motors.

Amen sean. I was wondering the same thing. the easy calculation is the fp = 1/2 of a cim. Definitely not 1 cim =1fp.

Still though tthere lifter is possibly my favorite. I know its not the fastest but its so simple in my eyes. Good luck 343 you guys are awesome.

So the same motor/motor group that provides the lifting force releases the latch (i.e. deploys the lifter)? That’s clever!

And the spring-loaded latching onto the pole step is very smart. Saves a whole lot of time lining up!

I’m a little confused on Step Three, though. How do you “set the weight of the robot” with a pneumatic? :confused:

The current lifter used in Florida is a GEM500 with 3 stages and a CIM. The new set up will be a double doozy, and two stages of the GEM500. Things will work on paper, but the true test will be tomorrow. Not quite double, but faster.

The setting of the weight thing with the pneumatics…
The spring loaded clips drive in and attach to the pole. Then the entire lifter mechanism pivots up via a cylender to force the rubber roller into the pole. Then turn on the motors and sit back.

The silver flames are actually a decal like 342 uses. We were thinking paint at one point.

This was one of Ziggy’s senior projects, and it has turned out to be a success.

thank you josh :smiley:

yeah, a little less than double speed because of different gearing.

Ah, that makes sense. The output torque is lower because you’re gearing the new motor assembly less. Did you need the 5th CIM elsewhere? Why not just remove a stage from the 3 stage GEM500 for more speed?

The youtube video Ziggy put up shows the robot pausing a couple times as it climbs. That’s us tripping the 30A breaker, and waiting for it to reset. First thing at USF was to switch to a 40A. There is some concern that taking out a stage will trip the 40A. The two Fishers will allow us two 40A to make sure there isn’t a problem. The removal of a stage may still be the way we go, but we’re keeping some options open.:smiley:

Loved your guys’ bot, and watching you hang was a treat. 343 builds quality robots year after year.

One thing though, the event was held at

i really like team 343, they’ve been amazing, i give double props to thier hanger it amazing, nice…