pic: 3452 Chich the Door Teaser

This is our final robot that will compete at St. Joe and Ann Arbor Skyline Cant wait to see you at Worlds!

Note name is still in progress…


They are not on the robot in this picture. We will probably post another that contains them at some point.

Alright cool. Just want to make sure they exist.

Nifty looking robot! Hard to tell if it is ground aluminum or steel for the whole intake structure but either way looks like it could get hit and be fine (an important thing to consider).

Good luck to you!

Thanks, you too! We had a practice event today and learned our bumpers will need to be mounted a little differently.

Cool bot, does that arm extend more than 15 inches from the frame perimeter when taking in boulders? It looks very close.

In this picture it extended beyond 15", I think it was 19" but we shortened it down so it didn’t exceed the rules.