pic: 3467 The Windham Windup Lego Version


My 10 year old brother whipped this out in a few minutes after he got home.

Aww… the logo is backwards.

And, if the red alliance is scoring on that rack, the lane dividers in the picture should be blue…::rtm::

Other than that, it’s really cute! Just makes me want to search my garage for my own legos…hmm…

Two characters: <3

you two are commenting on the issues of a lego project a 10 year old made?

It looks awesome. I made my first custom FIRST game with lego before I had Sketchup. I really love the towers.

Ooh! Upload the sketchup games, maybe?

Awesome work by your 10-yr-old brother, Brendan.

Thanks guys! The logo is correct, just my webcam flips the image! :rolleyes:

My younger brother is amazing when it comes to small detailed work with legos that even I couldn’t do today! He thinks through every small item including the small orange lights and he even named the driveteams as team 126, 40, and 319 based on his favorites from this past year! And when I say 10 minutes of work, it was only 10 minutes which was exceptional for his age!

Can’t wait to get him involved with an FLL team! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is amazing! Good job at GSR Windham Windups!:smiley:

Great job to your brother, Brendan! :slight_smile: I’m very much impressed… the detail and speed is incredible for a 10-year-old!

Btw, he has great taste in robots already, I approve! Perhaps a 1519 scout at some point? :wink:

Although not the topic, I was very impressed with 3467, Brendan - I was expecting you guys to do well, but #5 pick was beyond even my expectations!

Thanks Nathan! I was laying down in the stands because my stomach flu had worsened and immediately jumped up once I heard us announced that early! :eek:

The students went above and beyond this weekend and I am so proud of them! By Friday morning we had a 100% working robot that had no failures except for one cable to the side car that needed to be replaced which only had us down for one match and I was so proud of them!

St. Louis beware! 3467 kept our arm off to aim high!:stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone on 126 loves watching 3467! I was not surprised to see your team as an early pick, we would have done the same. We have all talked about “Skip 5” (3-4-6-7) in our strategy meetings.

Great picture!

My favorite part is the abandoned ubertube in the corner. (Kind of makes me wonder about what the casual regional observer sees in the game)

Thanks! We were considering using that as out motto or team name but we wanted something tied to the school more!

In the qualification matches it is so true! Ubertubes weren’t a hot item until the elims when lots of teams were using them. Our team never used ours so that explains the abandonment!

126 loves you guys! we’ve been calling your team “Skip 5” since the scrimmage and were SO thrilled when you won rookie all star!

One word: nice.