pic: 3476's Double Climb with 330

3476, Code Orange, at the Aerospace Valley Regional carrying 330, BeachBots, up to Face the Boss.

Now we just need to see 2 other robots on 330’s platforms as well!

Who got a picture of that match? They did lift two at one point.

Is…is 330 only powering one side of their intake?

Who would do that? :eek: :ahh: :yikes:

We competed at LA with 2 intake motors and only one platform. We competed at Aerospace with 1 intake motor and 2 platforms. With a few more mods and if the Inspector’s scale is in our favor, we’ll have 2 intake motors and 2 platforms at Championship.

I think the request is for a picture of 3476 lifting 330, who is lifting 2 additional robots.