pic: 35 MPH Prototype

Its cool and all… but when I see a robot: tipping the scales at over 130 lb,with battery and all; using only two CIM motors/side and no liquid nitrogen or any other cooling implement that can turn the motors into superconductors; and still do 35 miles an hour while using 40 amp breakers. WOW that is the day I shave my head.
But aside form that is it shiggidy shweet to say “I have a 35 mph robot!”

Sounds Awesome, I want in on it! :cool:

Radar gun? Does anyone have a license? Just drive along side it in a car! JK! (-NOT SAFE-)

Back in high school a few friends and I attempted something similar with very minimal success.

Good job.

I was wondering, how controllable is it at high speeds? How do you keep it driving straight, or do you just drive this in an open area? And most importantly, how fast does it accelerate from 0-35mph?

I have a Mabuchi RS 750SH motor (bigger than the FP but still maybe 1/2 size of CIM) sitting on my desk that I pulled out of an old Makita Drill. I was thinking I’d either build an RC car around it or put it in a car I have. How do you think I should gear that in a ~9lb car? How fast could I get it to go do you think?

That tank looks familiar… I believe it was actually in the kit of parts way back in 2000.

It’s hard to control when it starts bouncing around on the pavement. There’s only one caster on the front and it fell off after a while. Acceleration is pretty good in first gear, but when I put it into second it takes a while to get the rpm’s up.
We like to use that big pneumatics tank on prototypes because it lasts so long. It was just sitting around in the shop, so I wouldn’t be suprised if it was from 2000.

I think you’re right about that, Adam. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the tank, too.

I don’t know. If they really wanted to they could rig up some sort of nozzle and an igniter. Jet powered robot anyone? :wink:

what i was thinking was maybe get some sick nitrous perg nozels, 4 of them in the corners facing up. hit that botton and see the perge come out… o it would be insane :rolleyes: :smiley:

In 2004 for some reason someone thought 4:1 would be a good ratio to gear down the CIMs to the 12" skyway wheels. The bot moved all right, but it sounded angry. ugh… that thing was hard enough to control with a 13:1 gear down, I would have hated to try to drive it at 4:1… 2 side wheels, and a castor at each corner…

Very nice to see something as just proof of concept. :smiley:

if you have efficient gearboxes the motor should be able to get fairly close to its rated freespeed.

it’ll just take a while to get there, but the only resistive forces it would need to overcome would be innefficiency in the gearbox and wind resistance.