pic: 350 arm


heres our arm, after 2 days of building it. I’m the guy in the blue shirt and hat.

it looks heavy; are those sprocket steel?

And wood, heavier that aluminum for the same strength, am I safe in assuming this is a prototype?

Looks strong though, Probably looks really cool in action.

Edit: is that a window motor driving a kit gearbox I see? Clever!

yes it is heavy, this pic was taken before we started drilling weight reducing holes

yes it’s a steel sprocket

no it is not a protoype, we don’t have enough money/ time to build it from metal

yes it is strong

and yes it is a window motor driving a kit gearbox. The gear ratio on the second stage part of the arm is 1:16. That window motor will lift the second stage no problem.

due to weight we decided to take out one of the sprockets