pic: 3512 Spartatroniks

3512’s FIRST Power Up robot, Diakoptus, right before inspection at the LA Regional.

Great job this weekend at the LA Regional!

Team 599 climbed on your ramps this weekend, and they inspired us to change our rung system to a similar mechanism. How were your ramps constructed? Have they given you any structural issues?

Good luck at Ventura! Hopefully I’ll be there to see you guys compete

Awesome robot and incredible performance last weekend! It was amazing working with and playing with 3512 during the playoffs.

Best of luck at Ventura!

Good stuff. Honor to be eliminated by you guys. Rematch at Ventura? :wink: Good luck!

We borrowed the design from 118 after we realized our initial concept of 2 side mounted ramps wouldn’t work. Each ramp consists of 4 peices welded together. All pieces were cut out of 1/8" alum. on a waterjet, and then the top and bottom plates were bent to shape. Next, there was a very labor intensive operation of welding and bending. Originally, we did not close out the end of ramp where the pivot was and used bearings and spacer between each bearing. After some testing we decided to ditch the bearings, add in a peice of round stock to act as a bushing for the hinge (3/8" bolt) to ride in, and then we closed out the end.

Overall, we haven’t noticed much bending due to another robot’s weight when climbing, but we have had slight bending when another robots hits the ramp from the side. This bending is minimal however and easy to fix in the pits.

If you are thinking of copying the design I’d heavily recommend crossmembers between ramps if possible (not possible in our case), and I’m sure ours is probably overbuilt, so there’s definitely an easier way of accomplishing the same thing. 973’s back ramp comes to mind for a start.

Hope this helps!

Wonderful, thanks! We were thinking of using bent 1" OD .125 wall thickness aluminum round stock because we don’t have CNC access, but it’s more difficult to connect the two ramps together and get all of them to the same spec. We’re also worried about weight- for our redesign we have to remain under about 8 pounds :yikes:. It’s all about that carbon fiber though… right?