pic: 354 Bacon 30pts

True Story

How can you climb with bacon?

With pneumatic bacon, I see… :wink:

you don’t climb the pyramid with bacon. with bacon, the pyramid climbs you!

Sorry, but the dangling pneumatic tubes mean that this hang isn’t worth 30 points. :frowning:


Great to see a climber that takes up virtually no space inside the pyramid. So far this is the only one I’ve seen that will be compatible with a 2nd 30 point climber. Maybe 90 climbing points from a single alliance will be possible after all.

I can confirm this phenomenon, happened at build the other day, it was quite the surprise.

As far as the hanging goes, looks awesome and can’t wait to see it! Oh and sadly Bacon is not approved for FRC robots, unsurprisingly the idea has come up on our team before.

Dear Exploding Bacon,

I have been envolved for 13 years and counting. I love your team and everything about it. What can I do to get a shirt! I can send more bacon filled photos!

You nailed it!
This is our master plan!

So it’s you spying on our team from across the street!?

We have an online store with tons of bacon filled goodness if you want to check it out!

We don’t make our team t-shirts through cafe press so you can’t buy them there but if you would like to you can PM me and we’ll see if we can figure something out, thank you for following us! :smiley: