pic: 357 Mecanum Wheelchair

357 brought and demo'ed their Mecanum Wheelchair at Duel on the Delaware. Was really cool to watch it go, especially with that purple underglow. :smiley:

This looks really cool. Do you have some video? What does the chair sound like when it is moving?

Having walked by it a few times, I can only describe it as quiet, as quiet as any I’ve ever been around.

I think I remember hearing that 357 was pursuing patents around this idea. Does anyone know if they have made any progress or if there are plans for an eventual realization of this invention?

It’s really awesome to see FIRST teams doing this kind of work outside of the actual competition. There are so many creative and motivated people on teams.

Having a mother who is confined to an electric wheel chair much of the time I’d like to learn more about this chair.

How quiet is it? How does it traverse multiple different terrains? Is there video of it? How well does the lateral motion work on multiple different servaces, both on incline like a ramp, or flat service ( carpet verses tyle or cemenet )

Are there plans for a production model? Any websites or any material that I can view more information.

I’d love to learn more.

:smiley: Loving the underlight!

Quite interesting. I’d almost want to make one just to be able to say I’ve made one.

I’m going to do a little bit of digging around, but I believe that 357 was given a 10,000 dollar grant from MIT to build their concept wheelchair, which as you can see they did.

It was pretty cool seeing it in action. It can do anything that 357’s robot can, giving it a crazy amount of mobility. It was pretty awesome to see the wheelchair suddenly start traveling on a diagonal.

Here some video from the team’s website

The man seated in the chair is Mike Crane a parent volunteer who helped develop the molding process for the rollers.

Video of the wheelchair is posted on our website. Have a peek: http://www.team357.org/?page=view_cat&cat=90

Yes, this was built with a $9,800 grant from the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam program: http://web.mit.edu/inventeams/teams/2006/upper.html

This is a great program! If you have an urge to invent, you should take the lead, as our students did and encourage your mentors to sign on to the project. This year’s grants were just announced but, there is a good amount of lead time to prepare for next year. Initial applications are normally due in May.

You can find a list of this year’s grant recipients here: http://web.mit.edu/inventeams/inventeam07pr.html or cruise their site to see what other InvenTeams have done.

Good Luck!

Nice touch with the underglow…I don’t remember it being on at the Lemelson/MIT showcase?? John and I will be with Josh and this years InvenTeams in a week. I’ll make sure Josh sees the addition. He’ll get a kick out of it. :smiley:

its cool! well, not bright enough though… more CCFLs/neons please!!! :yikes: :smiley: