pic: 3571 Myrtle Action Blur

First Robotics Team # 3571 in Myrtle Beach on Practice Feild Shooting some Balls Around for Fun.

Watching this robot play back in week 1 was awesome, especially watching the progression of the shot consistency from practice match to quals. It’s a real shame that you guys weren’t chosen in elims, despite being one of the top trussers and shooters at Palmetto (and I have the stats to prove it). Good luck at North Bay!

Thanks, Anupam Goli ! The Consistency was a bit finicky at the start but we managed to gain it back when switching out the shooter… then i think the tweaking on the auto helped us alot… We were happy for our fellow Georgetown Team 4976 ] for getting chosen to the Eliminations more than us. The Rookies have to be Picked to get that constant flow of new teams each year and to give them the chance to play and compete… Yes Our OPR was very high I think it was 10 / 60 Teams ] and we were wondering why we didn’t get picked but that gave us more time to home in our shooter on the Practice Field while the Finals were going on… Stay tuned for more updates… might have a fancy shooter on the bot for North Bay.