pic: 358 has four eyes!

We're still working on interfacing four cameras over two serial ports…

I’m scared…one of these days you will need to explain to me exactly what your doing with these

why is one mounted on what appears to be a joystick?

Prototype gimbal.

Now we’re waiting for Kevin to help us interface four cameras with only two serial ports…any ideas?

Why in the world do you need 4?

How can you justify the cost of 4 cameras and the additional electronics rule?

4 × $199.95 (USD) doesn’t violate the cost limits. They are COTS electronics, so they don’t violate the material utilization rules either.

Do I spot a joystick base being used for the pan and tilt? How did you manage to do that?

Replace the potentiometers with servos. Just takes a couple of brackets and a basic shaft.

Again, I ask (as others have) why the need for four cameras?
If you’re having that much trouble centering in on a goal, I think you might need to adjust the focus…dunno…
If its for something else, such as the proposed “tracking balls” theories teams have been putting forth, I still think you could accomplish that with less…

One for the goal and three to track opposing alliance robots of course.

Sounds like you’re planning for protection against any robots that may channel the spirit of Chuck Norris. :wink:

It’s really easy!!

Cam1 = new Camera();
Cam2= new Camera();
Cam3= new Camera();
Cam4= new Camera();


Thread.Run(Cam[x].TrackRobotsAndStuff()) ;

You’re gonna have a very hard time tracking the other robots, because they don’t have illuminated targets. You’ll be trying to track them like last year’s vision tetras.

Secondly, how are you actually using the joystick to control the camera? Are you attempting to move the turret and as the change in acceleration moves the camera on the joystick and reading the X and Y values on the joystick? The measurement you get is acceleration and if you want to position you gotta integrate that twice and introduce a lot of error in the progress. Having a potentiometer to measure absolute position is the best way to do it.

…what happens when they aren’t in front of you?

It’s just a hunch, but Im going to go out on a limb and guess that human eyes will be much more effective at tracking robots than robots will :rolleyes:

Have you seen our shooter video featuring our guide dog?
Not all driver’s see equally well.:cool:

“What is behind me is not important.” Unless it’s Chuck Norris in a bad mood of course.
(what movie is that line from?)

Maybe we’re simple bird watching enthusiasts.:wink:

The joystick -> camera mount is extraordinarly effective. We used it last year to great success.

I suppose you could mount an EDUBot controller and have it run two CMUCams and then pass the values back through analog in’s on the big RC…

Still, 4 cameras seems a tad overkill.

Duh, you guys are idiots. The obvious reason for having multiple cameras is for Matt’s proposed method of vision multiplexing by algorithmic implementations of backwards-compatible and proprietary standards. This method is extremely nimble, with its low risk and high yield. The cameras must work in such a way that they resemble a cluster team of multi-scalable processes. From my statistical analysis, I may ascertain that the 358 robot will cause a paradigm shift in the area of FIRST autonomy.


Uh oh. Looks like its mounted on a vison tetra panel. That means that it’ll distract our cannons… Oh wait, it’s a vision tetra panel. It’s not like we can see those anyways…

Perhaps it’s for triangulation of their location by calculating the angles to the target?

Wow, you have 4?! We don’t even have one yet!!