pic: 359 on display in Honolulu International Airport in 2002

When I was leaving Hawaii after a vacation in 2002, I found a neat little display in the middle of Honolulu International Airport. This is team 359 from Waialua, Hawaii.

That’s a wonderful idea, showcasing their robot in the airport.

  • wonder what kind of wood the display base is made of. Anyone have any ideas? It’s rich looking with a lot of depth.

No way! That’s insanely cool…becoming a part of history forever. Talk about incredible exposure.

That would be the favorite wood of Hawaii - Acacia koa (koa).

Here’s a simple yet informative page on koa - About Koa Wood....

Quick question. What part of the Airport is this in? what wing, hall, near what gate, etc.

I will be out in Oahu Flying into Honolulu the day after Nationals is over…

Thanks!! can’t wait to see it!

I took this picture in 2002. I can’t say if it is still there or not, but it was inside security. Let us know if you find it!