pic: 36 Feet of CD

MMMMMMM…Krispy Kreme

36’ wide x 10’ tall, but I only set it to 3840 pixels wide
I was thinking of subdividing the screen into hundreds of CD windows, but they kind of got hard to see:)

Brandon, I know you’ve got CD on hundreds of monitors…but I think this one still has to win the donuts.

Well, unless some nut case from 1293 can top it this week. :smiley:

awesome! theres a lot of black space though. you could have put up another page of CD!

I actually have another two screens I could have used, but no place far enough away to stand where a camera could capture it all.

Besides, gotta leave some space for whoever the next poster is going to be:ahh:

all i have to say is wow :ahh: ahaha :yikes: nice!

Very impressive Mark. I’ve archived the image for the next discussion with my wife about how large the big screen TV should be.

Okay, one of you teams near a guerrilla drive-in should be able to top this. You’d probably need to use a cell phone as a modem.

Hmmm, the GA World Congress Center seems to have a nice flat facade. Quick, who has a projector and a 500 foot extension cord? We’ll split the KK’s 50/50. :smiley:

Madness… madness I tell you!


If this wasn’t so incredibly cool, I would say it’s getting a bit out of hand.

Very Cool! To paraphrase a movie…“I think you need to go back and get a bigger room!”


Oh jeez, alright then. Mark come find me in Atlanta, I owe you a donut.

Have I mentioned you’re all crazy?!

This is what I getting for challenging CDers.

(By the way, I’m still scared to see what Lavery comes up with!)

Maybe Dave can get it on the screens in some NASA control room after-hours. :smiley: But now with 36 feet of CD, what really is the next step from here? Does anyone work at an arena? Can we get it on a Jumbotron? Or maybe someone really will have to get it on an IMAX. :smiley:

Hmm…I am waiting to see if this happens. I think he has a good shot…I won’t go into details, but I am awaiting to see CD taken to the MAX, the IMAX.

How about CD on the Jumbo Screen in Time Square NY, NY? I’m not talented enough to do it myself… but think BIG!